Top 10 Fashion Designers

The fashion world is driven by some of the most inspiring and creative designers whose designs have been appreciated by all and sundry. Check out the top 10 fashion designers in the world, who have given a new dimension to the world of fashion.

Marc Jacobs

A top-notch American fashion designer, Marc is the head designer of famous brands Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Previously, he was the creative director of French design house Louis Vuitton and his designs turned Louis Vuitton into a fashion powerhouse from a luggage firm.

Kate Spade

If you love handbags, then Kate Spade is definitely your best friend. Born in Kansas, Kate started her journey in the fashion world by designing handbags and co-founded Kate Spade Handbags along with Joel Franklin in 1993. In 1996, she was awarded America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories, for her designs by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is not just a fashion designer, but also a movie director. Tom gained prominence after turning the fortunes of Gucci from near bankruptcy. After leaving Gucci, he launched his line of menswear, eye-wear and other accessories.

Donatella Versace

A noted Italian fashion designer, Donatella took the Versace Group to new heights after the death of her brother Gianni Versace. Donatella ensured that Versace has its presence in major fashion centers around the world. Presently, she is the Vice-President as well the chief designer of the Versace Group.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino started his career in 1959 when he established his own fashion house in Rome. Valentino became famous for designing dresses for Jacqueline Kennedy and since then he has designed clothes for many famous and powerful people.

Ralph Lauren

A legendary fashion designer, Ralph is best known for the Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. He is credited for inventing the first polo style logo for women’s suit that was designed around the men’s classic style. This became a rage and he is one of the first fashion designers to formulate the short sleeve shirt with the polo emblem.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio has been in the fashion world for over four decades and he is known for his clean, tailored lines. He began his career as a window dresser and later shifted his focus to menswear. Giorgio is also known for his marketing skills in the fashion world.

Betsey Johnson

A famous American designer, Betsey is known for her feminine and whimsical designs. She designed her first line of clothes way back in 1970 and they became hugely popular among rock and roll musicians. She has also forayed into designing bags, accessories and scarves.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl is a renowned German fashion designer, whose trademark high starched collars, black glasses and white hair make him easily recognizable in the world of fashion. Karl is also a well-known artist and photographer.

Jean Paul Gaultier

A famous French fashion designer, Jean served as the creative director of Hermès from 2003 to 2010. Apart from owning several labels, Jean has also licensed a line of perfumes in association with Puig.

Fashion Design As a Career

So you’ve decided that you want a career in fashion, and maybe you’re even about to enter the real world with your portfolio full of stunning fashion illustrations and a head full of hopes. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that glamorous perception of the design industry is a myth, and that vision of yourself as a famous fashion designer with your own clothing line is almost close to impossible to reach. The actual chances of that are probably the same as becoming a movie star. It doesn’t mean that you won’t become a successful fashion designer working for a company- it means that your chances of becoming the type of designer you envision yourself as are quite slim. Not only do you have to compete with the already established professional fashion designers, but nowadays throw pop singers, celebrities, and TV stars into the mix. There is a better chance that you’ll end up working for an established designer collection or as a designer for the next big celebrity’s clothing line.

If this sounds like old news to you, then congratulations – you’re a step ahead of the game because you already know what you’re getting into. If what I just said comes as a total surprise, take a moment to let reality sink in – and then keep reading. In either case, we want to give you the info you need to know to prepare yourself for some of the challenges that lie ahead…

In school most of your time was spent learning fashion illustration, draping, sewing, and patternmaking. While these are certainly good skills to have, they aren’t very practical when you’re trying to land your first job in the fashion industry. In the real world you’ll be expected to know how to sketch flats, create garment specs, CADs, and presentation boards.

Knowing popular computer applications for creating flats and CADs is extremely important. Most companies expect proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel. Many companies also request knowledge of WebPDM. Many fashion school grads believe they know these programs well. But schools don’t teach computerized flats or the software used to create them well enough for entry-level designers to be competent within the industry.

Whether you’re applying to different fashion schools, already in school, about to graduate, or already have your first job in the industry, it’s important to have an idea of where you ultimately want to end up. You might think that as a fashion designer; you’ll have the opportunity to work with all types of clothing, but you should be aware that there are different categories and specializations within the fashion industry. Have you thought about which fashion market you want to end up in? What specialization? Developing a plan of action will increase your chances of reaching your goals.

When creating their first fashion portfolios, many design students and entry-level fashion designers make the mistake of filling them with all of their favorite fashion illustrations. But companies don’t need to see tons of imaginative avant-garde sketches – they just don’t sell! Following an organized portfolio format is a better approach to get your ideas across and show off all of your talents and skills, while demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of what companies expect from you.

You’ll also need to create a well organized, intelligent resume to get yourself through the door. If you don’t look good on paper, recruiters won’t give you a second glance. Not only do your skills and qualifications have to impress, but you need to make sure they stand out amongst the hundreds, or thousands of other applicants for the same position.

Employers know that entry-level candidates will require a lot of training to fill in those education gaps. However, they do look for a candidate that won’t be difficult to train, or take up too much training time. Someone who learns quickly and is willing to go the extra mile is a worthwhile candidate for the employer to hire. Express your interest in the company, and your flexibility and eagerness to learn and develop within the field. To really impress, make sure your have researched the market and are familiar with common industry terms so you won’t get caught off guard when they are mentioned in the interview.

Despite what I said earlier, I’m sure there are still some of you who are determined to become your own designer; create your own label, design your own fashion line, runway show and all. We commend your ambitiousness and of course, we are here to help! With our advice and observations, we want to provide you with our suggested approach to make it happen. Educating yourself, knowing the business, designing for a cause you love, and promoting yourself through new avenues are all steps towards becoming the designer you’ve always envisioned!

Keep in mind that the above issues are topics that deserve serious individual attention. In our upcoming articles, we’ll discuss each topic further, giving you insider tips and insight so you can sidestep the pitfalls of the industry, giving you that much-needed competitive edge and increasing your chances of getting where you want to go within the industry. Basically, we want to prepare you as much as possible, so take it from designers who have been in your shoes, and soak it up!

Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

Teens have long wanted their own look and style; whether it was the all new rock and roll of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino in the middle of the last century or the hip hop fashion trends of today. Part of a teen’s style is about breaking away from the surrounding adults to find a unique and individual identity. It is also fun, plain and simple, to keep up with latest and greatest in teen fashion design. After all, anytime is the right time to hit the mall! If you are a teen looking to update her look this season, we have the tips you need to hit the school campus or the mall in style.

Accessorize Some of the pieces in your closet may look so yesterday, but what if you paired them with one of the trendiest new accessories? Whether it is a totally mod pair of earrings or a funky belt, you can update any of the basics in your closet with a whole new look. This allows you to keep up on the latest teen fashion design without spending your entire allowance amount to do so. Other great accessories to watch out for include a new pair of shoes, a fabulous handbag or an all the rage necklace to wear over your favorite tee.

Wardrobe Building 101 What’s your favorite color? When you begin to build a wardrobe for yourself, it is best to work it around a couple of basic colors that you love and that you look positively great in. From that base palette, you can build an entire wardrobe by adding a hot colored camisole or some wild beads. If you stick with basics like great-fitting blue jeans, solid colored t-shirts and a few sassy skirts, you will be able to mix and match in the latest teen fashion design. Don’t forget to add a couple of patterned pieces for a bit of variety, like a pair of plaid capris or a pair of vertical striped pants that are the rage right now.

Once you have assembled a wardrobe that you love for the current season, take care of it by keeping the pieces clean, pressed and hung properly in your closet. To ensure that you can find all of the necessary items for a complete ensemble before school, keep your closet tidy with the clothing hung on hangers instead of heaped on the floor. The latest teen fashion design can be yours with these simple tips and a little bit of shopping savvy.

Make the Latest Fashion Style Look Great on You

It doesn’t matter if the jeans are high or low rise this season. It doesn’t even matter where the skirt lengths end up. No matter what the latest fashion style, you can wear it beautifully with a little bit of shopping savvy and a thorough knowledge of your body type. The key to wearing clothing well is to choose pieces that will accentuate your positives and minimize your – not so positives, no matter what the current fashion trend might be. All it takes is a little bit of time in front of the mirror and an honest evaluation of your shape, and you will be ready to choose the fashion styles that will look fabulous on you.

Five Body Types While every woman has her own unique shape, most will fall into one of five basic categories. The hourglass shape is wider in the chest and hips, with a narrow waistline. This is the shape that is tailor made for trendy belts, flowing skirts and v-neck tops to flatter your bustline. An apple shape is wider on the top and narrower on the bottom – perfect for the wide-leg and bootcut pants that are popular now. If you have a pear shape, you are narrower on top and wider on the bottom. There are plenty of lovely choices in the current fashion style for this figure as well. Try the current fashion trend of longer jackets and sweaters with a v-neck blouse underneath to make the most of your assets.

The petite figure is fortunate today, because there are many pieces in the latest fashion style designed just for her. Beware of outfits that cut you off at the middle, shortening your already small physique. Cropped jackets and straight leg pants are the perfect choice for this figure. Finally, for those who have been blessed with a long, lean shape, your options are fairly wide open when it comes to the latest fashion style. Sometimes the most challenging aspect of this figure type is finding clothing that is long enough to accommodate your tall stature. The good news is that many retailers are now offering many of their fashion styles in tall and long sizes just for you.

Fashion style will come and go, but knowing how to wear those trends will make the difference between a fashion savvy dresser and a woman who is a slave to the current fashion style. Get hip to your body shape and choose your latest fashion style according to what will look good on you. Clothes worn well are always in style.

Fashion Design

Fashion designers are now the most sought after by the wealthy (celebrities and famous personalities), who will give up a fortune as wages. The reason is, celebrities know that they are being judged by half of the worlds population by what they wear on what occasion and for this reason alone, they turn to designers for help. But the designers are scarce, so why don’t you make yourself available to earn money.

Celebrities are struggling to keep their profile on top of others that is why they are willing to pay so much for a good fashion designer. Fashion trends are more of guide lines on what you can wear for whatever occasion.

Education combined with talent forms a solid designer. If you have the talent for fashion designing then boost it with a good education. Nikki Hilton is a young designer who combined this two factors and is now making waves in the fashion industry. She studied first at the fashion institute of technology, in New York to give herself a solid background and now she is famous and sought after by the high and mighty.

Fashion schools teaches the basics of fashion, like pattern making, cloth making, sewing, correct body measurement, helping you to create a great piece of clothing.

Fashion design knowledge also gives you some sort of security and peace of mind even knowing that what you are wearing is within the agreeable style of fashion for a particular season.

Arts schools also offer courses related to fashion designing. Fashion designers expand their knowledge by attending arts schools.

Becoming Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are responsible for creating the clothing, footwear, and accessories purchased by the billions on a yearly basis by consumers. Some fashion designers specialize in clothing design (men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel). Others concentrate on footwear (shoes and boots). A third variety of fashion designer specializes in accessory design (handbags, belts, scarves, hats, hosiery, etc). Some fashion designers dabble in all three of these fashion categories. A fashion designer will always remain up-to-date by continuously studying fashion trends. He/she will begin the design process by sketching designs and will later begin to select colors and fabrics. The designer will then oversee the evolution of the original designs into the form of new clothes and accessories. The entire process cycle will typically take between 18 and 24 months.

Education, Certification, Licensing

A degree is extremely useful in this profession. Bachelors and associate degree programs in fashion design are offered at many colleges, universities, and private art and design schools. At a minimum a student should plan on spending two years in any fashion design program. As an added measure to succeed in the field, an aspiring designer should supplement a fashion design degree with a business, marketing, or fashion merchandising degree. An understanding of the business end of the fashion industry is extremely important, and strong sales and presentation skills are valuable assets in forging a successful career.

Most of the over 200 schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design require applicants to submit sketches and other examples of their artistic ability as a criteria for admission. Therefore, industry experience is very important in this profession, regardless of whether it is acquired before, during, or after pursuing a formal education program. Early volunteer work, like costuming, can help a person get started. An internship with a design or manufacturing firm or a first job as a pattern maker or sketching assistant for more experienced designers will be well worth it in the long run. Also worthwhile would be a job working in a retail store or as a custom tailor.

Fashion Tips Especially For Women

Fashion is the custom or style prevalent in a society at a particular time. Mostly it refers to the most popular clothing styles of that society. Fashion keeps changing rapidly and especially women, tend to keep up with it.

Here are some fashion tips for fashion freaks:

If you are apple shaped, then you are plump and tend to have a rounder middle. So wear clothes which will hide your mid-section. A v-necked top which is tight up to the bust line will take eyes off from the biggest part of the body. Try showing the part of the body that you are most proud of. If you have slim legs, show them off in skinny jeans or a short skirt.

If you are pear shaped with a large butt wear light colored tops and dark colored bottoms. Pants that are full cut help you conceal your buttocks that you are so conscious of. Try drawing attention to your better half which is the upper body by wearing tops with structured shoulders or a custom made jacket.

If you are ruler shaped, try wearing clothes that will give some shape to your body. You can do this by wearing a tight jacket on a loose top or you can wear a belt around your waist to create a waistline or wear a bunched top to highlight your bust.

If you are hour glass shaped, wear a tight top that will show off your waist or a long-dress which is tight around the waist. This highlights the waist while covering your big bum.

Always try to look slim. Dark coloured clothes will help you get a slim look. A long flowery dress in chiffon or georgette will also make you look slim.

If you are extremely thin with no shape wear a dress with many layers.

Do not wear over-sized clothes even if you are plump and you are trying to hide your fat. This tends to make you shabby. Wear clothes strictly according to your size.

If you are petite, try avoiding dressing with over-all prints. This makes you look thinner.
If you are tall, try to avoid short skirts that will expose your extra long legs. Very long skirts always make you look taller. To cut your height wear tops over the pants.

If you are short and want to increase your height, please try wearing shoes with pointed heels but not platforms. Wearing slip-ons with a full heavy bottom sole will make people draw attention to your height which you actually want to hide.

If you are extremely tall try wearing beautiful, flat slip-ons.

Always wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and easy to carry off. Do not wear clothes that you feel are difficult to carry even if it is the most beautiful dress on earth. Try wearing clothes that enhance and reflect your personality.

Try and wear accessories that match your dress. Do not wear lots of accessories. Wearing too much extra things makes you look like a punk or hippie.

Thus following these simple fashion tips for women helps them to dress appropriately and to look beautiful.

Make Your Own Style

Want To Dress Fashionable? Want To Look Fashionable? No need to copy other people’s style, produce your own. Simply read exactly what you can find as well as pull collectively your personal look. The article contains tips that will help you produce your own fashionable as well as trendy style.

How to decorate and look at your Best-

Fashion is really a world that usually changes which is often very difficult to figure out how to apply latest styles. Keep scanning this helpful style tips.

  • Belts can be used like a wonderful fashion accessory. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, belts provides limitless opportunities to express your own style. Pair the colorful buckle together with your thin jeans, or produce a trendy look by adding the daring obvious leather buckle to your outfit for any night out on the town.
  • You should never purchase an outfit simply because of the superb selling price. If it’s not really your look or even going to look good you anyway, it’s just not well worth the savings you see in the price. It may sit inside your closet and become a total waste of money.
  • To a few people, fashion is simply regarding clothing, however, in reality, there’s much more in order to it. However, hair is essential too; it may set the tone for the entire look. A casual up-do is a terrific way to get a hair away your shoulders. Having your hair in your face can be a faux pas at the office as well as throughout class. Keep a soft hair elastic in your bag as well as a few Bobby pins in order to quickly put long hair into a no-frills bun or ponytail throughout the day.
  • Don’t overrun your own beauty kit. Choose things that you are attracted to but that also fit the tone of associated with season-specific colors. Think about both night and day as opposed to night. Make-ups will not last permanently once you start using it. Germs may even grow in the cosmetics if you used it a couple of months or in years past as well as left it sitting.

TIP! You can actually wear white when Labor Day has passed. You may put on clothes in any color which highlights you.

  • Sheer clothing can be sexy, but an excessive amount of sheer within a lot of locations can make the incorrect look. Some places of your entire body have to remain private when you are within public, or else you will just look trashy. Wear darkish colored blouses and trousers if you wish to seem slimmer. These colors disguise your form and lower the appearance of any bumps you may have.

TIP! Do not believe in the size on the label. Always try on clothes before buying them. Do not feel like you have to be perfect in fashion.

  • Getting the most out of your own clothing might not be an easy task. Although there are several combinations that may be made, the process of really making combos that look clean is not especially easy. Use the recommendation included in the following paragraphs to improve your style as well as fashion. Now that you have come to the end of the article, you are more knowledgeable about fashion. Adapt the ideas that seem great to you, by leaving the rest behind.

Clothing and Physical Disability

We never know when would be the physical disability become part of our life. It may occur at any time due to sudden accident or illness. Some people meet physical disability, the moment they are born. However our focus is related to clothing for those who are not physically proficient. Physical disability should not be a hindrance in the way of people who are fond of clothing. Besides, clothing is an essential part of one’s life. Therefore people who are physical disable they may find it hard to get dress up and undressed.

According to one of the theory, physical and psychological comfort is also important and clothing affects them too. Your clothing style should not be tight enough that you would feel physically uncomfortable. On the other hand, if a physical disable person wears neat and tidy clothes, it gives a good impact to others and that person feels confident too. Besides, where a normal person enjoys the privilege of different clothing style, a disable person can also make choice in clothing styles.

Here are some clothing ideas that can be helpful and that can suit your special needs. For example you should choose clothes, which make you not only to look good, but also suits you, fits well, feel comfortable as well as independent. A physical disable person can also think about color combination and contrast. One can make the style of clothing according to one’s interest and personality. Other suggestions are:

• There are number of clothing stuff, that give us protection either from sunburns or from cold weather. However sometimes, a heavy fabric does not provide comfort in a sense that it may limit the movement of the person.

• Adding structural lines in the clothes will direct the attention of others towards the best features of the person.

• Jackets can conceal thicker waistlines.

• For functional purpose, design the clothes, having big buttons so that one can make it faster to open or close the buttons.

• There should be ease upon the shoulder side and at neck openings.

• Physical disable people may have their pockets in the front side, so that they can easily carry on with their personal items.

• Long sleeves would be preferable that brings ease, however people who use wheel chairs, it is ideal that their sleeve’s length should be 3/4 or shorter, so that their sleeves will not be caught in the wheels of the chair.

By keeping in consideration few of the above-mentioned ideas, it would become helpful for the physical disable people to become accustomed to daily living. They have the right to feel comfortable and to wear clothes as they like. Though our society is superficial, for the physical appearance matters a lot and the physical traits of disable people are easily come into focus, yet after adopting the above given styles of clothing they will not become over conscious. Rather they would feel as being the part of the society and environment in which they are living in.

Buying Kids Cowboy Boots

Parents often have difficulties choosing cowboy boots for their kids. The biggest obstacle is that traditional design does not match the ever changing landscape of youth fashion, particularly as children get into their teenage years.

The days of kids proudly strolling next to their fathers in traditional looking western cowboy boots often ends at the beginning of adolescence. They become more fashion conscious and the once proud boots are cast into the closet, and often thrown into the garbage with the next spring clean.

So, given this scenario what are the things to consider when you buy cowboy boots for your kids?

Tip 1 – Think “Cheap”

Your objective should always be to buy discount cowboy boots. This should be considered above fashion. The reality is kids don’t look after their footwear, and that the gleaming $120 pair that you bought only a few weeks before quickly looks like your five year old pair of boots you use to hike up the mountain.  So your wallet will definitely appreciate you buying cheap cowboy boots.  Based on my estimate, you are doing well if your siblings get any more than a year out of their footwear.  Parents often believe their kids cowboy boots will outlast their other shoes, but this often isn’t the case.  The same families often go shopping year after year to buy a new pair. The reasons have been the wear and tear factor and also the fact that kids feet grow so darn fast!

Tip 2 –  Think “Cool”

It is important that you listen to your kids when you are buying cowboy boots. There is little point buying them a gift that you may like, but they don’t think they are “cool”. All that happens is that they wear them once or twice then throw them in the closet never to be seen again. You can actually buy cowboy boots that are cool and traditional. Designers and manufacturers are aware of this fashion dilemma and have designed boots that have a current style but also retain a traditional look. They achieve this through different colors and some trendy patterns on the boot. Given you will probably be buying your kids cowboy boots once a year, you don’t need to be concerned with long term styling.

Tip 3 – Think “Season”

It is important you buy cowboy boots at the right time of the year as fashion can quickly change in the market for teen and pre-teen footwear. Secondly, if you buy the boots at the end of the winter season, kids will get little use out of them because of the fast approaching warmer weather.  They will not often wear them until the next fall or the beginning of the following winter. Often, at that point they have either grown out of the boots or the fashion has changed.  It is therefore best to buy kids cowboy boots in early to mid fall. This means they will have use of them throughout the fall and all of winter.